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Since 1980, I have owned and operated Quarternote Productions, a music services company specializing in composing, arranging, sequencing, and scoring. Most notably to date, in early 2011, I completed orchestrating a major work with Jon Anderson ~ the voice of YES. The work is titled Violin Stories, which we hope to have turned into a compelling ballet about a magical, Crystal Violin. Discovered in a dumpster by Salerno, a down-on-his-luck violin virtuoso, the Crystal Violin transports whomever plays it to different locales across the globe. Salerno serenades indigenous people the world over, bringing peace and harmony to the world. (story by Jon Anderson)

As a guitarist, I have had the opportunity to play with many great artists, both well known and up-and-coming. Some of these include Greg Walker, Amy Grant, The Oak Ridge Boys, Phil Stacey, Mandissa, John Tesh, and Richard Carpenter.

My album "Mixed Bag" came to be as a result of several tunes I'd written over the years, coupled with the urging of a great drummer friend of mine, Kenny Park, to "put out an album..." ~ so I did... Hope you enjoy it!

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